400 sales in 24 hours!

Well, wow, 400 sales in 24 hours. :-D

The plan for next week is to start by setting up a very basic framework for multiplayer (without any gameplay parts at all), then possibly ask some people to help test it to make sure it works. I might also have to implement limited size levels again (coming sooner or later anyway) because infinite map servers will use huuge amounts of ram if the players all scatter. If the map is limited, it will never use more ram than the size of the level.
The very first play tests will be private, then after that I’ll do some tests with people from irc.
I almost certainly will do a secret friday update next week too. Probably not as content rich as this last one.

As for the movie yesterday, I have no idea who copied what from whom, nor do I really wish to get involved.. But that song sure was neat, and the video was inspiring!

posted 13 years ago