About Singularity (contains SPOILERS)


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I rushed through the game Singularity this weekend, expecting massively confusing plot twists and awesome temporal puzzles. My first attempt was at Hard difficulty, but that turned out to be too difficult for me. I got the game for PS3 for some reason, not realizing it was also coming for PC, so I spent most of the game feeling like I was fighting the controls more than the enemies.
After dropping the difficulty down to easy (don’t judge me!), it was slightly too easy, but at least I was able to finish it in a day.

And here come the spoilers:

Just to have it turn out that the plot twist REALLY was “o hai you saved the bad guy lol didn’t notice that did you!?”, to which I replied “yes, I do remember doing that, and commenting on how obvious you made it when you replaced the statue and all that”. And then you got a three way choice as the final interactive action in the game, and that choice right there is the totality of all actions you can make in the game that alter the endings in any way whatsoever. Shot one guy; ending 1. Shoot the other; ending 2. Shoot both; ending 3. And that’s it.

For the love of god, why!? Multiple endings is the bloom effect. It’s the lensflare and the autotuner. It’s the sudden underwater level, the gravity gun, the record scratch in comedy movie trailers. Stop doing it unless you’re going to do it right!

Also, the game is full of explosive barrels, ventilation ducts, health packs, audio diary recordings, box stacking physics “puzzles”, enemy dropships, and time traveling Russians. I love it!

Best part: It’s like playing Half-Life 2 again.
Worst part: It’s like playing Bioshock 2 again.
Final score: 3/5

posted 13 years ago