Minecraft Alpha 1.0.5_01

* You need shovels to get snowballs now, and you can’t stack as many
* Ice freezes again
* Snow blocks on top of top snow no longer looks weird
* Less annoying snowball sound effect

On the Multiplayer front all is well!
I just finished implementing tile mining and movement verification. It’s now impossible to claim to mine a tile you can’t mine, or to mine a tile too fast, and it’s also impossible to move through walls.

I can now log in with several clients and see changes other players do to the world, although I can’t see the other players yet.

I’ve got a really nice and stable base to build on, I think. Terrain streaming works great, and tile changes get sent out automatically, and collapsed into a single message there’s multiple updates within a single chunk. If the number of updates is really huge, it’ll get replaced with a single replaceregion call, which is compressed.

There’s a slight chance I might stay up late tonight, working on this.. I’m starting to have FUN! =D

posted 13 years ago