Multiplayer status update

Today, I implemented destroyed blocks dropping resources for all players and a whole bunch of infrastructure such as automatically sending entities in chunks when the player gets close, and removing them when they leave, and a very nice method for predicting block changes clientside in a secure way that can’t cause the game to go out of synch. I also finished up a whole lot of rendering stuff, such as animating when players move, interpolating positions and rotations, and displaying their names above player heads (semi transparent if hidden by a wall).

I also added support for whole bunch of fancy characters, like Å, ü, Ç and ê. I can’t add ALL characters, but if an important one is missing, let me know. I have space for another 100 characters or so.

Next up is support for inventory management, crafting, and item dropping. And chatting. Private testing is close, probably tomorrow or thursday. The public testing (with downloadable servers) is almost certainly coming within two weeks or so. I hope. :D

posted 13 years ago