First over-the-internet test of Survival Mode Multiplayer

We just finished doing the first test of Multiplayer Survival Mode, and it worked relatively well.


There were plenty of bugs, of course, such as lag spikes making the client prediction break badly (blocks reappear), duplicate resources spawning (with half of them being fake ones that can’t be picked up), doors behaving badly, the server lagging when people join/leave and explore at the same time, and ultimately (after about 30 minutes) running out of memory and crashing.

But overall it felt smooth, logging in was quick, you could chat, and sharing resources worked fine. Crafting and Inventory management were purely client side in this version, meaning I’ve got some work to do there to verify all of that.

I’ll be spending the rest of the week (tomorrow) on the secret friday stuff, then get back to working on multiplayer next week. We’re getting closer to beta! =D


Also, this is the greatest thing ever:

posted 13 years ago