FYI: My schedule for the next month

Next week:

Tuesday or Wednesday: A first, very rough, version of Survival Multiplayer
Thursday: I leave for BIGJam in Berlin, a weekend of meeting other indie game developers and making games.
There won’t be a seecret Friday update next week, because of this.

August 10: I return from Berlin!

August 11-13: Patching up multiplayer bugs, doing a small Friday update

August 16-20: Work as usual, regular Friday update

August 21-22: I Livesteam myself participating in Ludum Dare 18, a 48 hour game development competition. It’s be several hours of watching eclipse and hearing me mumble as I get increasingly tired.

August 25-29: I go to Finland. This means another missed Friday update!

August 30: Back to work, finishing up survival mode multiplayer. Enemies will probably get added around here.

I may or may not have entered some dates wrong.

posted 13 years ago