Status update!

Sometimes I go too long before releasing stuff, and I end up in a situation where caution, pride and laziness all work together to keep postponing thing even further.

I’m releasing the SMP server tomorrow so we can get some testing done while I’m in Berlin, pretty much regardless of what state of completion it is in. But caution, pride and laziness strikes anyway, stressing me out. I’m working hard on polishing it at much as I can, getting rid of bugs and trying to get an auto-updater done for it.

The last thing I finished was visible player attack/mine animations (they’re silly!) and visible carts and boats, and I’m still working on the inventory management. We’ll see how much I actually manage to implement, so I won’t promise any more features, but the release is coming tomorrow no matter what. Probably early in the day, so I can fix any huge bugs before leaving.

Once it’s out, the initial fear of release will be gone, and it’ll be easier for me to update it.

posted 13 years ago