SMP server release tomorrow, here’s what’ll be in:

The biggest thing is that I ran into bugs, then ran out of time, so inventory management will still be client-side.

The following things work, though:

* Joining / leaving a server
* Using most items
* Seeing what other people are using
* Chatting
* Infinite terrain exploration

The server does the following anti-cheat checks:

* It verifies that the player doesn’t walk through walls
* The player can’t claim to click a tile they can’t reach, nor can they click through walls

The following cheats/hacks are possible at the moment, but will be fixed in the future:

* Flying isn’t prevented
* Speedhacking isn’t preventing (moving too fast, or digging too fast)
* Inventory management is client side still because I failed to get it done in time.
* Names/logins aren’t verified yet

The release will work as a downloadable .jar file that can be run from the command line and an .exe that runs a graphical interface for the server.
To connect to a server, you will need to enter the IP for the server, and open up the required ports (the default port is the same as for minecraft classic, 25565)

I’ll release it early tomorrow (probably in 13 hours from now), then fix bugs the rest of the day and prepare for Berlin.

It will be very rough around the edges, but it’s a start! :-D

posted 13 years ago