Minecraft Alpha Server 0.1.0

I’ve added a new section to the download page, which includes some instructions on how to get it started.

As I’ve said before, almost everything except for the bare minimum is missing from this release, but I thought it was important to get something out before I leave for Berlin tomorrow.

To connect to a server, you need to know the IP to the server, and the server needs to accept incoming connections in the port. To find out your own external ip, you can use http://www.whatismyip.org/. If you configure the server to run on anything other than the default port, just add “:” to the IP string.
For example, if your IP number is, and the port is 5000, the connect string would be “”.
If people can’t connect to your server, you might need to configure your router or firewall to accept incoming connections in the port (default 25565). How to do this varies per firewall and router, so check your manual.

You can copy and paste into the IP field in the client, by the way.

posted 13 years ago