Dear diary,

We’ve been in Seattle for three days now. The first day was just arriving and eating lunch before crashing in bed. The next two days were meetings and planning with Microsoft, working out some details for the XBox version of Minecraft and getting to know their team a bit better. Today, we did a brief drop-by at Bungie to say hi (but not to Valve! Why not? I miss those guys), then went to the PAX floor to help Elin, Lydia, Vu and a couple of volunteers to help finish up the last details. While doing so, we found a couple of bugs in the 1.8 demo and I had to do some live bug fixing right there.

PAX starts tomorrow, and it’s going to be awesome. If you’re there, please come check out our booth at the sixth floor, we’re very proud of it.

Good night,

posted 12 years ago