Name verification, banning, friday update and another trip!

BigJam was great! I did two interviews and a couple of games and met a whole bunch of talented and inspiring people. And Berlin is a beautiful city that I will definitely visit again!

As you might’ve seen in news posts and blog updates, some fairly important people who I consider my heroes want to talk to me (I’ve spoken with three of my favorite companies so far). Initial contact has been established, but nothing concrete has happened yet. I will go on a trip to the US in the start of September to meet with a couple of companies. I have no idea what will come out of it, but hopefully it will be cool.
If anyone in the northwestern area of the US wants to say hi somewhere around then, I’m sure we can work out some meeting. I’d love to meet you!

Now, to minecraft;
I’m working on name verification, a flag to start servers in offline/insecure mode, and banning support at the moment, and will probably release it today. It will require a client, server AND launcher update. :-O

Tomorrow, I will do a seecret friday update. Ooooh! I wonder what it could be? Perhaps hamsters? Perhaps turnips? Who knows!?

Server-side inventory is coming next week, including shared chests and so, and this is also when I will fix some of the bugs in SMP, like the ladder thing and the looking through walls bug.

posted 13 years ago