Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16, Minecraft Server 0.1.1, and a new Launcher

First of all, if you’re playing the downloaded game, you will have to download a new version of the launcher from here:

The reason for this is that I had to add some authentication bits to the launcher instead of to the game (which is downloaded after authentication), and the launcher can’t update itself yet.

Client changelog:

* Added support for more records
* Added online authentication for online servers

Server changelog:

* The server can now be started in either online/secure mode or offline/insecure mode. A secure server requires all connecting players to first authenticate on www.minecraft.net, then checks that the authentication matches, before letting the player in. A server running in offline mode won’t do any such checks, nor will it ask the client to authenticate, but you can’t be sure that people who connect really are who they claim they are. Offline mode is meant for LAN plan where you know the people connecting to the server.
* Added ban/pardon commands to ban and unban a player from the game
* Added ban-ip/pardon-ip commands to ban and unban a specific ip (you have to kick the player manually)
* Added op/deop commands to add/remove a player from the op list
* Added player ops. They can send server commands by typing a slash followed by a server command. Server ops can also build/destroy blocks near the spawn area.
* Made the server save terrain more frequently

The mac launcher is fixed now. Download again!

The download page was “stuck” for some people because the browser was caching the download. I made it bypass caching now.

posted 13 years ago