Minecraft Alpha v1.0.16_01, Minecraft Server 0.1.2

I had some spare time over, so:


* You can now press enter from the “join server” screen instead of clicking the button
* Fixed a bug with potentially invisible players


* New command: “tp ”, moves player1 to player2’s location.
* New command: “save-all” forces a full save to disc
* New command: “save-off” disables all saving (except save-all)
* New command: “save-on” re-enables saving

If you’re writing a backup script, please consider making it call “save-off” before doing the backup, and “save-on” when it’s done. If you don’t do this, you can get corrupted zones in your backup.

Ok, I’ve ACTUALLY added the save-on command now. Sorry about that. ;)
(You need to re-download the server)

posted 13 years ago