Blah, I failed the Friday update.

There won’t be a Friday update today, because I bit off more than I could chew.

I think I got started with the coding too late in the day. It’s 5 pm now, and I have nothing at all implemented. My first attempt was to do biomes, but that ended up being very slow and very bad (sudden wall of snow for no reason!).
Then I tried doing monster villages, which turned out to be much more complex than I thought. Like seriously a lot more complicated..


The base code I wrote for biomes is definitely usable, but I need to speed it up (easily done), and make it much more intuitive to the player what the current temperature is or so. I could either do a simple postprocessing effect where cold areas have a cool tint (blue), and hot areas have a warm (red) tint, or play around with fog density and color. Or possibly particle effects..

For villages, I need to come up with something clever. It would be great to have small huts with roads and so, but doing that procedurally in streaming terrain is far from trivial, heh.

posted 13 years ago