Then there’s The Prank

One early summer morning, Carl was on vacation and I was checking my email. Lydia, who was organizing the flights to PAX and such, had emailed all of us, asking what kind of food we wanted on the flight. She listed all the options, and one of them was “Bland”.
That amused me immensely. It’s like having an option that says “over cooked” or “a bit on the salty side, isn’t it?”. So naturally, after saying what me and Elin would prefer to eat, I added that Carl wants bland food. He’s a bland food type of guy after all.
Lydia, who didn’t pick up on the humor, went ahead and ordered that, and everybody forgot about it.

Lunch time on the flight to Seattle. It’s about an 11 hour flight or so. The stewardess told Carl he was getting his “special” food, then got served a tiny portion of celery and some salad.

Thing is, Carl doesn’t like bland food at all! Quite the contrary, he likes food with flavor, and decent portions of it to boot.

We all had a big laugh about it. So much fun. Then he forgot to change his order back to regular food in time for the flight back. ;D

So.. if you ever have dinner with Carl, remember that he likes BLAND food.

posted 12 years ago