We’ve got a consultant!

We’re quite bad at keeping track of who does what when because of whom, so we got a consultant to help us set up some tracking and metrics and stuff. The idea being that if we know how people use our websites, we can improve it more efficiently.
He created a nifty script for generating short urls for when we link to our websites, so the clicks can be measured and analyzed, and figure out which channels and which campaigns have the best impact. I have no idea how it works, I’m assuming magic.

But it sure is fancy looking.. so I thought I’d test it, with your help.

1) Read ONE of the sentences below, chosen randomly.
2) Do not read the other.
3) Click the link after the sentence you chose.
4) Carry on as normal.

Sentence 1:
This is not reverse psychology -> http://bit.ly/oueqOE

Sentence 2:
You should buy two gift codes, for science -> http://bit.ly/n78hxD

posted 12 years ago