Minecraft Alpha v1.0.17_03, Finland, and Metagun

I just did a quick bug fix update for minecraft, fixing a certain item duplication bug, attempted to fix the player-getting-stuck-bug, and quite possibly improved the framerate under certain conditions.

There is a performance problem in singleplayer currently. It’s got my attention, and I will spend time working out what’s going on and improving performance again when I get back. I consider it a major bug.

However, from about noon tomorrow, I will be gone for almost two weeks! First I’m going to Finland, then I’m going to the states to talk to important people in suits. I will still be able to access the internet and check my emails, but I won’t be able to do Minecraft updates easily, and I won’t be as much online as I usually am.

And finally, this I participated in Ludum Dare this weekend, a competition where you make a game in just 48 hours. I made this:


Click here to play it, or click here to see a timelapse video of me making it (available in super crazy mega HD at 47 fps).

posted 13 years ago